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Wireless mini vacuum cleaner for home / car
Wireless mini vacuum cleaner for home / car

Wireless mini vacuum cleaner for home / car

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1. Small & Portable
It can be put in storage box, cup slot and pocket of your car and save much space.  
2. Strong Suction & Vocuum Car with Strong Power
Pressurize with multi-level cyclone air flow and designed by spiral fan blade. 
Suction up to 5000Pa and rotate speed up to 32000rpm
Collect paper, dust, hair and coin easily.  
3. Wireless Handheld & Never Miss Any Corner
Say googdbye to cable and twining wire and easy to use. 
Clean any corner deeply of your car.  
4. Fast Charging & 4 Times Cleaning with Full Charge
Supported by 12V/2A fast charging tech and can be fully charged by 1.5 hours. 
Allows for 13 mins working with comfortable hand feeling. 
5. HEPA Purification & Provide Cleaner Interior Space
Double filtration systems included. One is for filtering big dust and residue. 
The other is for filtering 0.3 micron dust and prevent second pollution.  
6. LED Light with Wide Angle
Solve the problem of weak light and complicated environment. 
Provide bright light of cleaning area.  
7. 2 in 1 Adjustable Suction Nozzle
Nozzle and brush are adjustable. Nozzle for deep cleaning of narrow space. 
Brush for cleaning stubborn dirt. 
8. Ventilation Design & Avoid Raising Dust
Creative ventilation structure makes the interior air blow out from inclined rear side. 
Never blow your face, hand and raise dust. 



Small & Portable
It can be put in storage box, cup slot and pocket of your car and save much space
7cm Diameter
29.8cm Height


Strong Suction
Easily absorb dust, debris
Turbo fan blade design, high efficiency and strong motor, up to 32000 rotations per minute, easy to pick up paper, soot, hair, potato chips, melon seeds, coins
Wireless Handheld
Not miss any dead spots in the car
Discard the power cord, it is safe and free of winding, and it is more convenient to move and remove dust


Quick Charging
1 full charge will clean 4 times
Using 12V / 2A quick charging technology, it can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. 2 high-performance power batteries are designed ingeniously inside the handle.
The product center of gravity is rear-mounted to provide a comfortable grip
Patented Ventilation Design
The innovative air guide structure will blow out the internal airflow like the oblique back and sides, so as not to blow dust on the ground and the user's hands and face
Adjustable 2-in-1 Suction Nozzle
Flat mouth, stretch brush design, switch to different state in one second, Flat mouth deep cleaning of the car small gap, brush head cleaning stubborn dirt on the car.
High Angle of LED Lamp
Irradiation LED
Equipped with LED lighting, large Angle irradiation, easily deal with insufficient light, complex environment and other occasions, and ensure the bright and clear light in the clean area.


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