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Fast charging station for cell phones
Fast charging station for cell phones
Fast charging station for cell phones
Fast charging station for cell phones
Fast charging station for cell phones
Fast charging station for cell phones

Fast charging station for cell phones

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1.6 port USB charger, which can charge for 6 electronic devices at the sametime.and it has the wireless charging and QC3.0 fast charging function,which is equivalent to charge for 7 charging ports at the same time and have not any influence with each other.

 2. supports charging for 5V/2.1A equipment. Except QC3.0 fast charging interface the current is 5Aand the output power is 25W when the other five USB interfaces are charged at the same time . The QC3.0 fast charging supports charging for 12V/1.67 A Electronic devices . And the output power is 20W.

 3.Digital Screen Display : Detecting the power current and voltage at any time The monitor has the icon of 5V,9V and 12V . When you put into any USB connecter, the product will automatically identify the working port and display t he current and voltage.

 4.The parameters of wireless charging : Conformance to Qi1 .2 A 11 specification Conformance to WPC V1 .2 specification of wireless charging.Support Samsung's.Quick charging agreement Output power of the receiver : 5W(5V1A), 1 OW( Samsung Note5 , S6 , S6/edge , S7 and so on )Inductive distance (Single coil): Regular reception (0-10mm), Samsung fast charging (0-6mm) 



1.Product Size: 140x80x50mm;Weight:250g

2.Cable length : 1.5 meters/60 inch.

3.Product certification :CCC,CE,ROHS ,QI

4.lnput :100-240V;0utput voltage/current: DC 5V 5A

5.The output voltage/current of USB:DC5V 5A

6.QC3.0/DC12V/1.67 A,5V 2A, 9V 2.5A

7.Output Power:45W.


Product Attentions :

1. Pay attention that the sum of the current should not exceed 45W . Otherwise the charger will be in the state of the overload protection ( The charger will be power off automatically )

2. Do not use this product in a high temperature environment!

3. Keep the product away from the fire. For your security, do not put this product into the fire otherwise it may cause explosion and personal injury 

4. Keep away from water when you using this product . Avoid using this product in high humidity environment .


wireless charger






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